The Strategy of
the Korea-Russia Innovation Platform

Korea-Russia Innovation Platform is a Korea-Russia joint platform that creates a new business model based on the combination of Russian innovation·original technology and Korean ICT application technology.

  • Technology Cooperation Hub
  • Korea Russia Technology
    Cooperation R&D
  • Supporting S&M Venture Companies

Constitution and Role

Korea-Russia Innovation Platform

  • The Presidential Committee on
    Northern Economic Cooperation
  • Joint Managing Committee (Lead: Ministry of Science and ICT)
    Cooperation of Ministry of Science and ICT, Ministry of SMEs and Startups, and Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy
  • Technology Cooperation

    • Planning technology cooperation
      Diagnose and evaluate Russian technology – build DB
    • Linkage Technology Cooperation R&D and Application
      Transfer achievement and support technical difficulties
    • R&D Identify Demand and Matching
      Identify University-Research and Industry Institutes that can apply Russian promising original technology and match with domestic demands
  • Supporting S&M Venture Companies

    • Support international cooperation technology development and application
    • Boosting S&M Venture Companies’ technology exchange and technology innovation
    • Incubating Start-ups
    • Activating interchange of VC and starting business
    • Boosting Co-founding and funding
  • Breaking into Markets

    • Participate in Russian Substituting Import Program
    • Establish Korea-Russia partnership
    • Consult entry to the market and match linkages with supporting institutions
  • Original Technology
  • Technology Cooperation R&D
  • Support Application
  • Support S&M Venture Companies
  • Support Entry to the Market
    1. 1. Secure original technology and expand network for technology cooperation
    2. 2. Pushing Korea-Russia technology cooperation R&D ahead by supporting researching infra
    1. 3. Support securing original technology and solving companies’ technical difficulties
    2. 4. Support application for entering new market or new industry